What are your selling options?


Selling your property via the internet will access a great number of people, depending upon which web site you use.

Selling this way will mean that you will have to answer many phone calls asking about your home and then dedicate a great deal of time showing people around the property, many of whom just like to look at other people’s homes.

This process can take an awful lot of time and you will still need to pay mortgage payments, council tax and for ongoing repairs while you try to find a buyer.

When you eventually do find a buyer, you then have the same pitfalls as if you’d found a buyer through an agent, chains, renegotiation at the last minute etc.

Whilst you may be lucky in finding a buyer, you will still have to pay legal fees.

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Contact us, we make you a completely NO OBLIGATION offer, we then buy your property within your timeframe.

And what’s more, we pay your legal bills and there are NO hidden charges or fees.

As we say, simple and completely hassle free.

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Estate Agents

You can market your property with an Estate Agent who will come to value it. Wanting to get the instruction, invariably Estate Agents value properties higher than they are actually worth. A few months into the advertising process, the agent usually tells you that there is little interest and that you should reduce your asking price.

When a buyer is eventually found, this is by no means a guaranteed sale, the buyer may have to sell their property and so you become part of a chain which can take months to complete or, worse still, the chain falls apart. If a successful sale of your property completes, you will need to pay the Estate Agents commission plus your solicitors fees.

A complicated process which can take months to finalise, months in which you will have to continue to pay mortgage payments, council tax and ongoing repairs.

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At The Housebuyer, we do exactly what we say, we buy houses quickly which is often a risky business. We have to sell on the property and so we are relying on market conditions remaining the same as when we buy as we need to make a profit to keep trading and offering the service we do.

The offer that we will make for your property will reflect the speedy service that we offer and the risk that we are taking and this means that you will not receive 100% of the market value for a speedy cash sale.

You may have seen other companies advertising that they will pay 100% of the market value but, in our opinion, anyone saying that they are able to pay 100% of the market value of the property is not being truthful.