Why choose us

Quite simply, we are genuine cash buyers. Others may say they are but in reality, they have to find funds from investors.

We don’t, if we say we’ll buy your house for cash, we will.

Our offer may not be the highest you receive but if you accept it, we will do exactly what we promise, offer you a simpler and quicker alternative than selling your house on the open market. With immediate access to funds we don’t rely on investors or need to obtain a mortgage, meaning we can guarantee a quick turnaround.

Want more for your property? Sometimes a change of approach can make the world of difference.

We can offer other innovative solutions that may see you get an offer closer to the best price you might hope to achieve on the open market but you’ll just have to wait a little longer. That said, you’ve turned to us because you don’t have the time to hang about. We know that. That’s why our dedicated in-house sales progression team are set the target of, and fully trained to, complete sales as quickly as possible.

Whichever option you choose as the right one for you, our promise remains the same…we’ll give you the certainty of selling your property relatively quickly. And we’re as good as our word.

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Be Careful!

You have visited this website because you may need to sell your property quickly and want to sell to a genuine cash buyer without any hassle. That is exactly how it should be.

You need someone who will do exactly as they say they will, who won’t mislead you or trick you into thinking they are a cash buyer when, in fact, they really aren’t.

The Housebuyer is a genuine cash buyer with their own funds ready and able to buy houses.

Sadly though, there are others in this industry who are not as honest as they claim to be. Some who claim to be cash buyers are in fact agents looking for a quick deal to “flip”, meaning they’ll try to sell on their contract with you, to someone else, without using any of their own money.

Some companies claim to be cash buyers but, in reality, need to get bank funding to buy, which takes a huge amount of time.

Other companies find “deals” and then “sell” these on to their investors meaning you don’t actually deal with the people who first make contact with you but worse still, these Investors may have to get funding for the deal which, being a commercial transaction, is a much more drawn out process than getting a mortgage so could take longer than a sale to a member of the public!

The Housebuyer buys houses for cash. We do not sell to investors, we are not agents and we do not need bank finance to buy.

We are members of the National Association of Property Buyers and The Property Ombudsman and are totally transparent in everything that we do.

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We say we’re different from the others, why believe us?

We have over 40 years experience in the property sector and we pride ourselves in being honest, trustworthy and straight talking.

We buy houses below market value, we never hide that fact but we do have the cash available to do this and can move as quickly as you want to.

If you’re in a hurry to sell, leave it to us, we’ll take care of everything and there’s no hassle for you.

Leave the legal stuff to us, we’ll pay your share of the fees, there’s no hidden charges for you, no agents fees or anything else, just good old fashioned honest service.

Unlike a sale on the open market, there are no chains, you won’t be let down at the last minute. If we agree to buy your house, we will…simple.

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It’s worth contacting us!

We have built our success by going into every sale we deal with believing that your needs, as the seller, come first. So as soon as we get to speak to you, we ask about what is actually important to you in your situation. When we know that, we can work out how to offer you the best service possible.

We conduct no viewings (apart from one by our RICS chartered surveyor who values the property for us), and there are no hidden costs or obligations.

We guarantee to offer you the best price of any home buying company out there. And remember… we also pay your legal fees.

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